Scavenge the Shores of NSB at the Pilgrim Paddle Scavenger Hunt

What are you doing this Sunday in NSB? Whatever it is, it’s probably not as cool as a paddleboard scavenger hunt… That’s right, this weekend is the NSB Pilgrim Paddle Scavenger Hunt. Come join Paddleboard NSB from 11am to 1pm for a totally wild new kind of scavenger hunt!paddleboard nsb

Prizes, Prizes, and More Prizes!

Join Paddleboard NSB at their location at 177 N Causeway between 10 and 11 to register and get ready to play hard; there will be prizes at the door, prizes for scavenging, and even a special prize for the paddler with the most Thanksgiving holiday spirit (so get your turkey costume out)! Prizes will be specials from Paddleboard NSB, and the event is sponsored by Riviera Paddlesurf.

Scavenging & Paddling Bonuses, Too?

having fun in nsbIt’s not just about the hunt and the prizes; there will be some post-competition refreshments, as well as FREE paddleboard demos. That’s right—Riviera Paddlesurf, a top manufacturer of paddleboards, will be on-site giving free paddleboard demos before and after the event. So even if you’ve never paddled before, it’s the perfect opportunity to try out something new! Paddleboard NSB will be giving additional in-store discounts.

Come Explore All the Excitement of NSB

If you think that a stand-up paddleboard scavenger hunt sounds exciting, then it really is time to come join the NSB community. The events and excitement never end, from dawn til dusk, from the beaches to the golf courses to the thriving downtown scene. Find out what’s going on in NSB this month, or contact us to find your dream vacation home in New Smyrna Beach.

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