MEET 3rd GENERATION NEW SMYRNA BEACHNATIVE REALTORS DONNA AND DAVIDby: Deb Masrianna      Courtesy of Smynra Life Magazine David Kosmas & Donna Concannon                     New Smyrna Beach’s #1 REALTORS
Lifestyle Experts: Ask the Natives….a 3rd Generation Native Real Estate Brokerage Firm                            Specializing in YOU; our clientsThe New Smyrna Beach area connection for NSB Homes co-founders Donna Concannon and David Kosmas can be traced back through several generations.Both grew up in the area and both traveled different paths that brought them into the real estate business, eventually finding their way to each other in 200I.Donna’s connections goes back to the arrival of her father ‘s Irish family in the UnitedStates , and her mother ‘s family, the Treadwell’s, from the forgotten town of Shiloh located just south of New Smyrna Beach. Shiloh was located at what is now the back entrance to the Cape Kennedy and the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge , until the government purchased all the land and relocated the residents. The Treadwell’s owned the only gas station in Oak Hill.Donna’s Irish born father came over by boat during the late1920s when he was very young, narrowly escaping being sent to the work farms. His family lived in Miami and Boston landing in the area. Her parents opened a bar locatedat 629 N Dixie Freeway, back when it was just a dirt road.Then in l 952 the couple starteda real estate business. Donna explained, “My parents, owners of FP Concannon Real Estate,were an integral part of the local real estate community and instrumental in starting the New Smyrna Beach MLS.A rebellious teenage r, Donna left New Smyrna Beach and went to live with her sisterin California. She said with a smile, “I swore l would never get into real estate, butI found out quickly that real estate was my friend !” She realized that working at the pizza shop or ice cream parlor wasn’t going to cut it. She worked in sales with a large property management company, owned by her Sister and went on to get her real estate license and was themost successful rookie within three months with a firm that had high expectations from their REALTORS.  Donna returned in 199l, to spend time with her parents during her father ‘s battle withcancer, fully intending to return to California. She said, “My intention was to come back and spend some time and eventually go back to California, but l didn’t.” Shestayed and took over the family business.  David’s family lived in Bethune Beach, long before it became a National Park and pushed everyone out through imminent domain. His mother, Suzanne Kosmas, who would later become our local state representative, then congressional representative, started Prestige Properties in 1978. His father developed many of the multi-unit structures at the time in New Smyrna Beach as well as properties in Orlando, the Virgin Islands and New Orleans.After seven active and six reserve years in the Coast Guard, David returned to New Smyrna Beach in 1999 as a single father with his children where he taught high school Physics and coached the boys soccer team for four years. He left teaching to join Donna in the Real Estate business.  Eventually, Donna & David took over  3 Generations of NATIVE New Smyrna Beach REALTORS David’s mother ‘s business during the tenure of her political career. Donna said, “I’ve been in the real estate business since I98I, and through the family business that started in 1952. We still have property management clients, and now their heirs, that go all the way back to the original family agency.” Bringing them both to the same conclusion, “We had never  had our own company, so let’s just revamp and rebrand .”Sixteen years ago, Donna and David found their way to each other and blended afamily and business partnership . They each have a 22 year old boy and a 20 yearold girl. Donna said, “They’re all awesome young adults. They grew up together andwe all survived; and a couple of them are threatening to get their real estate license !”They have come full circle . Last year, the happy couple opened a new real estate office – NSB Homes, LLC located at 209 Downing Street, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, and can be reached by phone at 386-235-8588. NSB Homes, LLC is a small boutique real estate office with a power house of New Smyrna Beach Lifestyle Expert Agents placing them in the TOP 5 REAL ESTATE Brokerage Firms in New Smyrna Beach. Donna and David have consistently held the TOP 3 REAL ESTATE Agents in the NSBMLS for over 30 years . With over 20 MILLION in transactions sofar in 2016; they are holding the # 1 TOP BROKERS in the NSBMLS.New Smyrna Beach LIFESTYLE EXPERTS386-478-7154                                          NSB Homes, LLC New Smyrna Beach Real Estate                                  Located at 209 DOWNING ST. NSB, FL 32168 • 386-235-8588 SaveSaveSave

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