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Archives: August 2023

1006 South Riverside Drive

Key Facts: Location: 1006 South Riverside Drive, Edgewater, Florida – a prime setting for luxury living. Heritage & Design: A residence that blends the rich heritage of the England Family with cutting-edge architecture. Laid Back Luxury: Experience “Laid Back Luxury” in your private haven at 1006 South Riverside Drive. Where Past, Present, and Creativity Converge […]

Real Estate’s Best-Kept Secret: Selling in the Back-to-School Window

Key Facts: Prime Opportunity: The back-to-school season is a hidden gem in the real estate calendar. Diverse Buyer Pool: Attract both families and individual buyers looking for prime properties. Market Advantage: Experience less competition and spotlight your property. Wondering when to finally put up that “For Sale” sign? We’re about to share a secret. While […]

Unlocking the Power of Millennial Buyers: A Guide for Home Sellers

Key Facts: We must understand the growing influence of millennial buyers in the real estate market. Let’s leverage a strong online presence to attract tech-savvy millennials to your property. We’ll showcase lifestyle benefits and adaptable home features to captivate millennial homebuyers. Unlocking Millennial Homebuyer Opportunities With the millennial generation rapidly emerging as a dominant force […]