Why You Should List Your New Smyrna Beach Condo with NSB Homes

No matter how much you love your condo, life can take you in a different direction. Maybe it’s time to move, to upsize (or downsize), or just change the scenery of your day-to-day… When it comes to that time, there is no better time than in 2021 to consider listing your condo for sale. Our Coastal Lifestyle Experts at NSB Homes have years of experience appealing to buyers of all price-ranges and know the ins and outs of selling condos.
Here’s some of our favorite reasons why you should contact us to list your condo as soon as possible!

NSB is Developing

The City of New Smyrna Beach on Youtube has outlined a variety of upcoming projects for the foreseeable future that adds excitement and value to our city. Through the efforts of our city and even county, NSB is becoming a coveted spot for luxury and coastal living. This growth appeals to not only certain areas of town, but as a large majority.

New Smyrna Beach is becoming a gem away from tourists spots and the popular beach getaways – with all of the activities and beauty of nature. A bustling downtown scene and connection to the Atlantic is attracting attention from Floridians wanting to move away from Orlando and snowbirds wanting to move south.

Condos are often a lifestyle purchase, but that doesn’t mean they are limited to it. The balance of work, play, and relaxation bodes well for this year in condo sales.

Houses Are Selling Fast

Due to this and the current climate, residential housing is FLYING off the market. Many buyers are exhausting their resources to move into residential areas and are now considering condo life.

Your condo not only has value in where it is located, but it has value in the availability. Now more than ever, people are weighing their options when homes are not as readily available in certain price ranges. By putting your condo against residential houses, you’re able to stand out with additional amenities that some homes may not have.

The potential to sell your condo is improving day by day. One of our Realtors, Una Poole listed a condo at $2 million and had it under contract in under 24 hours! The price points are staying firm, rarely dipping below – which benefits the seller immensely.

By listing your condo with NSB Homes, you can rest assured that one of our experts are able to market and promote your condo against other condos AND houses to garner attention and attract serious buyers.

Your Condo Has Coveted Amenities, Let’s Promote Them!

If you’ve owned your condo for a long duration and made upgrades (or your condo building has been renovated), it’s time to flaunt that to tempted buyers!

Our team is able to pinpoint key upgraded amenities such as smart functions, pools, recreation centers, beach access and more. By doing so, we are proud to circle our marketing and listing around them.

During tours and showings, NSB Homes knows how to discuss with potential buyers the importance of these amenities in added value. From moving into a renovated home or investing in a hot condo property ready to have a facelift, our team is trained to handle every situation so you do not have to.

Listing Your Condo Has Never Been Easier

In short, when you’re thinking of selling a condo, it’s essential to work with a top local real estate agent who has experience in marketing and closing condo sales — and knows your local market inside and out.

And that’s us.

We strategically list and sell more condos than any other team in New Smyrna Beach. As a boutique brokerage firm, we have consistently held the title of Top 5 Brokerage for more than 30 years.

Here’s what one seller had to say on our review page about one of our staff’s amazing job selling their condo:

This is our third time, in as many years to either buy or sell a property through Travis Ford and NSB Homes. In 2018, he sold our one bedroom condo, in 2019 he helped us find our three bedroom condo, now in 2020, he sold our three bedroom condo for us. All in the same building. In my opinion, you wont be able to find anyone in New Smyrna Beach that will have your complete best interests at heart more than Travis. 

We’re excited that you are considering listing your condo with us! Contact us to get started!

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