NSB Area Schools

Our beaches attract visitors from all over the world. And some of our residents are only part time – living here a few months of the year or only on weekends. However, many of us live here all year long.

Even though it feels like we’re always on vacation here sometimes the real world intrudes. That means taking care of the practical things like grocery shopping (Publix!) and paying bills and making sure our kids go to a great school.

The New Smyrna Beach area has a mix of public and private schools. Our only public high school, New Smyrna Beach High School, was built in 2006 (replacing an old building a few miles away). The school offers both AP and Honors classes as well as “academies” specializing in a number of areas. The dance team, the Showdolls, has won a number of national awards. And the school has been deemed a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

There’s one public middle school – located near the high school. 4 private schools offer middle schooling as well.

4 public elementary schools are located around town – and students are assigned to them based on where they live. There are a number of private elementary options as well.

Moving to a new town is an important family decision. Schools are one of the many things to consider. Thankfully, New Smyrna Beach has a lot of options for education.

You can visit Volusia County schools here. And see school rankings here.

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