A southeast Volusia afternoon

Recently our own Donna Concannon spent an afternoon at the Packwood Place. Between some spilled gas, running into a handful of folks she knows, making new friends, renewing old acquaintances and having a delicious meal Donna had exactly the kind of day that makes this part of home so special.


Donna ran into one of our cousins, a business associate, met the son of someone she knew, and found someone who was looking for some real estate help. That’s common in our neck of the woods. Going out to get some work done, run an errand, grab a bite to eat – and running into folks you know or that know someone you know or who are looking for some help. I’m not sure that everyone in SE Volusia knows one another, but often it feels like it. We look out for one another, and generally there’s a quick word to be exchanged with a friendly face when you’re out and about.

Donna and David

Things to see

Near the Packwood property is a new development – Donna swung through to check that out. And of course it’s not a terribly far drive from there to the famous Dixie Crossroads. This restaurant is world famous and not to be missed. Then Donna made her first visit to the White Sands Buddhist Center in Mims. She said it was an amazing place, and she’s looking forward to another visit.


SE Volusia County holds history in the same hand as it holds progress. We’re mindful of the old ways while moving forward with innovation and growth. You’ll find something old next door to something new – just as you’ll see old friends while making new ones as you head about town on an afternoon.

This property is special because it brings together so much of the great in SE Volusia County. We are proud of it as we are proud of our community and our hometown.

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