Catch the Show of a Lifetime in NSB: Jesus Christ Superstar

Looking for some outstanding cultural entertainment this weekend? How about a play at the Little Theatre in NSB? How about a performance of one of the most famous rock operas and Broadway musicals known across the country and even internationally? How about…jesus christ superstar on the stage

The Little Theatre Presents: Jesus Christ Superstar

It originated as a rock opera, debuted on Broadway, was nominated for five Tony awards, has been remade into films, and has starred on international stages. It’s Jesus Christ Superstar, the dramatic, theatrical, and musical retelling of the rise to fame of Jesus and the consequential betrayal of Judas.

Described as “dramatized with emotional intensity, thought-provoking edge and explosive theatricality”, it’s an international sensation and 70’s rock opera classic that you surely won’t want to miss!

Performance Dates & Times

Performances began last weekend and will pick up again this weekend, with 8:00 pm showings tonight (January 19), tomorrow (January 20), and Saturday, January 21. There will be a matinee show on Sunday the 22nd as well, and next Thursday, the show will start up again for one last round (at same times as this weekend). So find a show that works for you and don’t miss out!

Discover the Beauty of The Little Theatre

Located at 726 Third Avenue, the Little Theatre was originally formed in 1947 and produces eight shows each season and nine shows in the summer. Auditions are open to all—no experience necessary. It’s a true taste of the local talent and artistry that drives life in New Smyrna Beach!

Come Explore New Smyrna Beach

Come explore this thriving, trendy, fun, and relaxing little town, where you can have it all! The white-sand beach house, the beautiful golf courses, the local downtown shopping and dining, the exciting nightlife and events… Your dream vacation is waiting in beautiful NSB. Just contact NSB natives Donna and David to find your vacation beach home today!

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