NSB 2018 Boat Parade

The 31st Annual NSB Holiday Boat Parade is this weekend! The parade starts Saturday, December 15 at 6pm at Marker 53 in Edgewater. Click here for an information flyer. The boat parade is a fun event perfect for the family. It’s also really beautiful – lighted boats make their way up the intercoastal waterway showcasing […]


A few weeks ago I did a post about the Smyrna Dunes Park. It’s one of my favorite spots in NSB. I love running on the boardwalk because I have water views for nearly my entire run, and the springy wood of the boardwalk feels great on my joints. Plus I like looking for the […]

Concannon Thanksgiving

While the Kosmas family grew up in Bethune, the Concannons were across the river in Oak Hill every Thanksgiving celebrating traditions of their own. The Concannons and extended family met each Thanksgiving on a hunting lease in the woods. During the first years we had an outhouse rather than indoor plumbing. Many years there were […]