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Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

One of the best reasons to live in New Smryna Beach and the surrounding areas is a beautiful tie to nature. Our beaches are some of the best in Florida, our trails leave us enjoying each hike in 90 degree weather, and we marvel at the diverse ecosystems in our little bit of paradise. At NSB Homes, we believe that “going green” is the smartest and easiest choice.

But… how does this apply to moving time? 

When it is time to move, cleaning out stuffed closets and garages often comes with a downside: tossing things away to be hauled off to the dump. Weeding through old belongings or piles of lost items we do not need are often contributions to overflowing landfills. 

A new trend has begun of “going green” during moves. We have compiled a few simple steps that will not only help you reduce stress, but perhaps save you some costs along the way:

Give Back Your Old Electronics

Moving often comes with the desire to upgrade and replace. Electronics such as kitchen utilities often see their retirement and are discarded prior to moving in place of the newest model. You may think it is okay to simply throw it away, but doing so often results in a failure to properly recycle the item in accordance with common national regulations. The Volusia County’s official website has an FAQ section that explains where you can safely recycle/dispose of your e-waste.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Moving also requires boxes. Lots of boxes. A common practice for those relocating is to buy completely new moving boxes to fill your items up. This not only adds to your ecological footprint, but also costs you money that you do not have to spend! Instead, you can double down on packing and moving by using containers you already own. Consider using any plastic or trash bins, gym bags or suitcases to load before packing them into something else. There is a genius way to use Ikea bags to help make packing easier if you have some old ones laying around. This blog at goes into detail on this life hack!

Another wise strategy for those privy to online shopping (and who isn’t these days?) is to save the numerous packages you may receive over the year. Just break them down to save space and store away if you know that you will be relocating sometime in the future. 

If more boxes are still needed, do not forget to ask friends and family, neighbors or even your local grocery stores to see if they would be willing to provide used boxers. 

Put Some Thought into What You Pack

The boxes themselves may be easy to recycle, but what you use to pack your actual items is not so simple. Most people, for good reason, use things like bubble wrap to secure delicates during the transition to their new home. Materials like this are considered as a plastic film, and while they are fully recyclable, a common mistake is that they are often placed in the average curbside bin used for hard objects such as bottles and jugs. This eventually leads to your packing materials being sent to landfills that take many years to successfully decompose. 

Think about using substitute items that you can find in your home, starting with newspaper and even towels, linens or your clothes to wrap items instead. If plastic packing materials are still required, use resources to locate collection points in your area where you can safely and correctly dispose of the plentiful amount of plastic/bubble wrap you will surely have at the end of your move.

Find Movers That Like Being Green Like You

Assuming you decide to hire a company to assist you, put an emphasis on local companies in your area that sell their eco-friendly practices. They can do many things to benefit you in that regard, from their moving trucks using biodiesel fuel to offering their boxes as 100% recyclable. Some may even offer to buy the boxes back from you so that they can continue to put them to use for future business. 

Regardless of the fuel your moving truck uses, it is in your best interest to fill any and all vehicles with as many items as possible to lessen the number of trips from your old to your new home. This may seem obvious, but you may find yourself surprised when you realize you have to go back to pickup only a handful of things.

And last but not least:

Donate, Donate, Donate

You are going to find plenty of things during your packing that you decide you no longer need. Maybe you want to start fresh or perhaps you have outgrown certain outfits, but the obvious thing is that there is always someone who could use the item you are parting with. Sorting through your inventory in the beginning will help make this task easy, such as determining what is properly recyclable versus what you would like to turn into at a local organization that accepts the item in question. 

There are always local food banks willing to take canned goods you do not want to bother weighing down your boxes, and charities are there to accept discarded furniture and clothes. The cherry on top will be holding onto your receipts to help you keep some green for yourself when it comes to tax season.

NSB Homes is your leading local expert when it comes to real estate and buying your new home. We hope this additional information helps make the move there even easier, while also doing your part to keep your neighborhood green!

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