Mosquito Lagoon – A Local Treasure

Whether you’re an avid fisherman, a professional guide or someone who likes to cast a line on the weekends – you’ve probably heard of the Mosquito Lagoon. 

The Lagoon starts in Edgewater and runs down past the Canaveral National Seashore to the Kennedy Space Center. The Mosquito Lagoon connects to the Indian River Lagoon via Haulover Canal. Haulover Canal was built around 1954 (before that there was a shallow canal that had been used as a traditional crossover point, but wasn’t big enough for the area’s growing needs). 

Mosquito Lagoon is special for a number of reasons. First, the water averages about 3 feet deep, but is only inches deep in some areas. Second, you can fish the wide open lagoon which stretches for miles of open water, or you can find a secluded nook with sheltered water to safely fish from a kayak or canoe. Third, and probably most important, is the redfish. Mosquito Lagoon is famous for its year-round redfish population. We don’t have the biggest redfish in the US (although there are some monsters in the Lagoon), but we are able to fish them all year round. 

The Lagoon in the morning


Along with the redfish there are trout, snook and drum. You’ll also see manatee, porpoise and the occasional alligator on the gorgeous sea grass flats. 

Because the fishing is plentiful there are knowledgeable guides available to show you the best spots. The fishing in the lagoon can be affected by tides and temperatures and rain and water movement. A guide is usually a great idea because along with knowing the spots they’ll know what kind of fishing is best. 

A morning well spent

At NSB Homes we’re in love with the NSB Lifestyle. For us fishing and boating in the lagoon is a big part of that lifestyle. Those of us that grew up in NSB grew up on the lagoon. We respect that it is an important aquatic preserve as well as one of the most special and wonderful places close to our home. 

Call any of our second and third generation NSB real estate professionals today to learn more about living the NSB Lifestyle. 

Donna and David – second generation NSB Lifestyle experts

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