Holiday Traditions with NSBHomes

We recently had our annual NSB Homes Christmas party after the New Smyrna Beach Christmas Parade this year. It was so fun to find out from everyone what their family Holiday traditions are. Some are very different, some we very much share.

Annual Office Christmas Party

Food is a common source of the Holiday Season in the Kosmos/Concannon Families. David and I love cooking at the holidays, having everyone over to our house and spending time together. Christmas Day is all about Eggs Benedict and Irish Coffee’s, then watching Christmas movies while we laugh and enjoy spending the day together.
We love doing things together as a family during the holidays.

Every year we get a family from Gifts of Love to shop for, we’re given the family members Christmas wish list with their age and sizes.  Everyone contributes money into the pot and all go shopping together for the gifts.  Then we head back home to wrap the gifts, bag them up, and return them to Gifts of Love so they can deliver the gifts to the families.  It’s a very special tradition and a time for our families to gather, spend quality time together and, of course, share a meal!
Vanessa Desmarais loves Christmas and has made some new traditions with her son, Jax.  “I make an advent calendar for Jax and every day we open up the “gift” for the day.  Every day there is an activity we do; like write a letter to Santa, buy lunch for a stranger, pick an Angel from the Church Christmas tree and shop for the Angel, etc.  It’s about the joy of the Holiday and making everyday a gift.”

Jax at Christmas

Vanessa and her family also do a big gift exchange every year.  “It’s a time we can all spend together and enjoy each others company…and Christmas cookies!”

If you’ve been to the New Smyrna Beach Boat parade, then you’ve seen our very own, Una Poole’s boat “The Voyager.”  It has become a Poole Family Christmas tradition to enter the boat in the annual parade.

Poole Tradition- NSB Boat Parade

They won first place for the third year in a row this year!  They are members of the New Smyrna Yacht Club and take pride in participating in such a festive event.  Una often donates her boat to charity events throughout the year and enjoys spending family time on the yacht, especially at Christmas!

We, at NSB Homes hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  If you are looking to make New Smyrna Beach your full time or part time residence in 2018, we have the local knowledge to find you your dream beach home!

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