Life as a Local in NSB

Growing up as a local in New Smyrna Beach, I was fortunate enough to have the ocean as my backyard. There was, and still is, something mystical about the strength, beauty, and bounty the sea provides.  As a small child, I spent my days playing freely along the shore, darting in and out of the waves, trying not to get my feet wet.  Living life as a ture local.

At that age, picking up shells and placing them in a bucket was my favorite past time…being able to brag to my 6 siblings that I’d found the biggest, most beautiful shells on the entire beach! As kids, the periwinkles COVERED the beach as far as the eye could see.  My mother would bring colanders for each of us to gather our “own” periwinkles.  She would make us Periwinkle soup from all the ones we collected.  She’d boil those periwinkles in water, add potatoes, onions, carrots, zucchini, squash, kale, and other vegetable we normally wouldn’t eat!  Now that was one clever way to get kids to eat their veggies.  Needless to say; she didn’t have to add salt!

As I grew older living like a local took new shape; sunbathing in the tide pools became my favorite past time. Lounging in my coveted beach chair and reading the latest romance novel.   And of course, devouring an ice-cold cherry-flavored snow cone and warm chili dog was true Heaven.  My favorite beach stand was and still is Pug’s.  Pug Harvey and his son Matt Harvery’s stand, located right in front of the Flagler Ave beach parking.  The Harveys are also 3rd generation native NSB.  Pug’s father was my father’s best man in my parents wedding.  Growing up as locals, the Harveys were HUGE golfers.  My brother  Martin & Pug were the long time standing champions for years.  The Harvey Invitational at the New Smyrna beach municipal courses is till a favorite event amongst locals.

Now that I’m all grown up, I still feel the same way about this dream-like seaside town. Those memories of suntan lotion, sandy feet, and long days spent lying in the sun, flood back to me every time I drive over the North Causeway Bridge. The only difference is that now, my focus reflects on just how fortunate I am that my children were able to create their own summertime memories growing up in New Smyrna Beach as locals.

These are just some of the priceless memories that continue to make me proud and grateful to be a third generation local realtor at NSB Homes. New Smyrna Beach holds a place so close to my heart, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing I can help other families grow up the way I did, and the way my children did. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve to live the dream like a local?

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