What is USA Today saying about New Smyrna Beach?

New Smyrna Beach is a Seaside Retreat Community. There is nothing obstintaneos or pretentious going on in New Smyrna Beach.

David and I are a rarity. We are Native New Smyrna Beach 2nd Generation REALTORS with Integrity.

USA TODAY wrote: “New Smyrna Beach and Ponce Inlet offer access to all of the restaurants and activities of Daytona and Orlando with fewer crowds and less craziness. Jim Engelbrecht


“Daytona Beach can be raucous, especially during spring break, NASCAR season or any of the motorcycle events. But just a little bit south are two small beach towns that offer access to all of the restaurants and activities of Daytona and its inland neighbor, Orlando, with fewer crowds and less craziness. Ponce Inlet sits at the south end of the barrier island it shares with Daytona Beach. Just across the inlet is New Smyrna Beach.

New Smyrna is a classic small beach town. It has a downtown with a variety of one-story boutiques, restaurants and shops that cater to the beachy crowd. That crowd is nothing if not diverse: vacationers taking a break from Orlando’s theme parks, bikers, fishermen, well-heeled business types taking a day off. There’s nothing snooty or pretentious going on here, though it’s not unusual to see members of Orlando’s power elite here, many of whom have homes in Wilbur-by-the-Sea on the Ponce Inlet side.

The beaches wrap up to the point on the south side of the inlet and, at low tide, are very wide and lined with hard-packed sand. The point itself is encompassed by Smyrna Dunes Park and is a favorite with surfers. At times during the year the point attracts a lot of small sharks chasing baitfish being flushed out of the inlet on the outgoing tide. They occasionally misfire and chomp down on a surfer; the bite-to-surfer ratio is pretty small but it’s something to be aware of when the baitfish are running.

The more common way of getting hurt here is by overindulging in rum runners or margaritas in one of the many beachfront bars, so enjoy the surf and go easy on the refreshments and you’ll find NSB a great beach experience.

If you go

Average daily temperatures for March: Low – 55º F, high – 74º F
Average daily temperatures for July: Low – 73º F, high – 89º F

Airports: Orlando International (MCO), 74 miles away. Daytona Beach International (DAB), 21 miles away. Orlando-Sanford International (SFB), 33 miles away.

Average airfares: Detroit ($250-$691 round-trip); Chicago ($274-$618 round-trip); New York ($214-$664 round-trip); Atlanta ($264-$546 round-trip)”

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